NBA Trades This Off-Season


Matthew Mayer, Nicole Niznik, and Danielle Moser

With the Bulls receiving players in trades like Lonzo Ball, Alex Caruso, Derrick Jones Jr. and DeMar DeRozan, the city of Chicago is excited to see their basketball team finally become playoff contenders. 

The Bulls have been a very underwhelming team since Prime Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler left the team in search of better opportunities. 

After they acquired José Calderón, Jerian Grant and Robin Lopez for Rose and Zach LaVine and Kris Dunn for Butler, the Bulls were in rebuild mode centering their focus on LaVine. 

LaVine was a prime player for the Timberwolves averaging 18.9 points and three assists a game, but people did not know if he was good enough to be a star. This past season he was in the three point contest and played in the all-star game averaging 27.3 points and 4.9 assists per game. Clearly the Bulls made a smart decision trading for him. 

For two years the Bulls have been drafting and trading for bad players, with the exception of Patrick Williams who was a sixth man in college. Everybody thought the Bulls had made another dumb decision but he has shown to be a promising defensive forward. 

They had also drafted Coby White a year prior who is a decent guard coming out of UNC. 

This off-season has been a busy one for the Bulls. Trading players like Lauri Markkanen and some of their role players, the Bulls received much more than what they traded for. They got a steal in Ball, who will have so much room to develop in the point guard position that he couldn’t on the Pelicans. We also got Caruso who had his flashy plays on the Lakers earning his respect for everyone on instagram. Caruso is a great addition to the Bulls even if he starts off the bench which is probably what is going to happen. The Bulls need depth on their bench, and he is the perfect player for that. 

The trade that the Bulls got Jones Jr. in was a risky one. They traded away a great young and athletic star, Markkanen, for a washed up high flyer. If the Bulls can find a spot where Jones Jr. can show his vertical talents, he can have a lot of potential as a Bull.

Last but not least, DeRozan coming to the Bulls for two half-decent players was a steal. DeRozan’s mid range game is one of the best in the NBA. He is also a very athletic dunker and can move the ball smoothly. He has a high basketball IQ and was coached by the legendary Greg Popovich

Overall the Bulls have a lot of potential to be a great team this year and the city of Chicago is excited to see it.