Did the Cardinals Make a Mistake Back in 2019?


Back in 2019, the Arizona Cardinals held the number one pick in the draft after a miserable 3-13 season. They had two options: 1. Take Murray or 2. Ohio State’s product of Nick Bosa. Despite drafting QB Josh Rosen in 2018, former Cardinals general manager Steve Keim decided to give the boot to Rosen and selected Murray. Right after that the in-division rivals in the NFC West, the San Francisco 49ers selected Bosa with the 2nd overall pick.

After the two selections, Nick Bosa then warned Keim that if they took Murray over him, that he would “haunt them.” Well that hasn’t been the case for Bosa against the Cardinals. In his entire 4 year career he’s just had 1 sack on Kyler Murray, but what if that’s not what Bosa meant.

I mean just look at Bosa’s impact outside of his games against Arizona.

The second pick in the draft in four seasons has had: a defensive rookie of the year, a three time pro bowler, a first team all-pro, and 43 career sacks in 51 games. Bosa has been dominant for the 49ers. Meanwhile Kyler Murray on the other hand has been up and down, and this coming from a Murray believer. He had only one winning season under his belt with a couple pro bowls and an offensive rookie of the year, but now he just came off his worst year of his career and may miss a good amount of 2023.

So did Arizona make the mistake of drafting Murray? Sort of. Compared to them players, Nick Bosa is better no doubt about it but would he lead the Cardinals to somewhere that Murray has least done? I don’t know. In my opinion both teams got what they wanted, especially the Cardinals because they would’ve gone nowhere with Rosen under center. Again, I truly believe that most of Murray’s struggles last year was due to the presence of Kliff Kingsbury as head coach and his awful supporting cast, so I think Murray will be just fine. As of right now Nick Bosa is and probably will be the better player than Kyler Murray in the future.