2020-2021 Staff

Kaidence Katz

Wildcat Beat Editor/ Social Media Manager

Kaidence Katz is a junior in her third year of journalism, writing and editing for Wildcat Beat. Additionally, she holds the title of Social Media Manager. She loves the world of Journalism and Media, and hopes to continue on wi...

Jessa Bezkhlebetskiy

Wellness Editor

Jessa Bezkhlebetskiy is a junior and is stuck in journalism for the third year. She still doesn't know what she’s doing honestly. Jessa is passionate about shows, movies, & books which she doesn’t hesitate to talk about w...

Charli Richards

Staff Photographer

Charli Richards, senior and first year in journalism, is a photographer and avoider of writing at all costs, fueled by red bull and muffins.

Ben Williams

Politics Editor

Ben Williams is a senior and second-year reporter of all things trending, fueled by Dunkin coffee and pop-punk

Erica Hayden

Trending Editor

Erica Hayden, senior

Jeremy Cohen

Staff Reporter

Jeremy Cohen is a senior in his first year of journalism. His hobbies include buying, but not finishing books, and striving to get instant replay on WCAT Live

Petterson Montegrande

Staff Reporter

Grace Estes

Staff Reporter

Grace Estes is a senior, and in her first year of journalism, she’s taken on the tough job of constantly making fun of Mr. Uhrik. 

Paige Butler

Staff Reporter

Paige Butler is a senior in her second year of journalism. She’s a writer that likes fashion and music.

Victoria Benavides

Staff Reporter

Victoria “Benny” Benavides is a senior and reporter for 1.5 years. Joined to listen to Uhrik's tangents and stayed to talk crap about politics.

Miranda Lawson

Staff Reporter

Miranda Lawson is a senior in her first year of journalism. Her hobbies include ranting about literature, annoying her dog with show tunes, and writing articles and prose until her skeleton rots away at her keyboard....

Anabel Perez-Brennan

Staff Reporter

Anabel “Ani” Perez-Brennan is a senior in her first-ish year of journalism, writing for Wildcat Beat. In addition to being obsessed with music and Star Wars puzzles, Ani likes piña coladas and getting caught in the rain (she hop...

Matthew Posner

Sports Editor

Matthew Posner, Sports Editor: I'm the biggest sports fan there is whether it's football, basketball, or baseball. My dream is to be a broadcaster for the NFL. The only Jacksonville Jaguars fan in Illinois.

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