Therapy and Race-Opinion

Paige Butler

Therapy can be a heavy topic for a lot of people whether you’re thinking of going yourself, sending your kid to therapy or a friend who’s thinking about going. It can be a touchy subject for many people. For me, I’ve seen the good and bad sides of how people react to it. At a very young age, I went to therapy and being a mixed race person I got to see both sides of how some black and white people view it. There’s definitely a cultural difference with black people specifically with therapy. There’s a huge stereotype that “ black people don’t believe in therapy” or “ black people don’t believe in mental illness” I agree and disagree with it. As a kid having a black father and white mother therapy was a big issue for me I wanted to go. My step father didn’t believe that it would help me. He wanted me more so to face those problems head on alone. My mother was the opposite; she wanted to try anything to make sure I was ok. Sometimes I think maybe that’s just male vs female. But with this topic I specifically viewed it as this black vs white thing. I still ended up going but I think because of the stereotype it wrecked my experience trying to better myself.  My parents thought so negatively about it because my step fathers’ beliefs impacted my mothers and that really upset me because I think if need be everyone should have the chance to go seek out some type of help they need. I think In general there’s a bit more obstacle that comes with being mixed race and that’s definitely one big one. But I believe if you need help you should seek it out. Most mental issues aren’t to be dealt with lightly. We should be teaching all races that it’s ok to not be ok and ask for help. Break that stereotype of “ well therapy isn’t real. Or therapy doesn’t work. Just because someone in your culture thought that doesn’t mean you should also.