Social Anxiety After Quarantine

Miriam Gutierrez, Staff Reporter

Social anxiety disorder (SAD) is a disorder that affects fifteen million people in America or 7%. This disorder is a chronic mental health condition in which it causes anxiety while in social gatherings or when in interactions. Social anxiety is very common in a lot of people but mainly in people who are shy or introverts. Social anxiety is triggered by a variety of social and environmental influences or a life full of stress. Some of the things that trigger social anxiety Aretha gets that other people may not even think twice about such as talking to someone new, speaking in public, dating, making eye contact, entering rooms, and even starting conversation. Many people may feel their heartbeat speeding up, dizziness, inability to catch one’s breath and an “out of body” feeling. One of the causes that has been linked to social anxiety is bullying and teasing of peers as a child, family conflicts, and even domestic violence.

Social anxiety has decreased significantly during quarantine because while stuck at home we feel comfortable and safe in our “nest”. Currently it’s easierand safer for people to resort to online shopping because now online shopping is considered safer than going into a store in person. In case people need to go into a store to buy essentials people avoid each other and try to stay six feet away from one another. The chances of having to interact have become very slim since everyone is maintaining social distance from one another.

After quarantine once things are back to our old pace it’s going to be very challenging for people with social anxiety. Right now most of us are stuck at home most of the day. There’s many things one can do to help with social anxiety. First off, take your time and never rush into something. The key is starting with a small group of people and then slowly talking to other people little by little you will get back to normal. Another thing that might help is practicing self-care.