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    “Animation is dying!” or so they say…

    The statement “animation is dying” has been thrown around for years on the internet. And who could blame those who think so? Most animated shows that seem to be ever so popular end up being canceled. Shows like “Inside Job” on Netflix and “The Owl House” a Disney Channel original getting canceled before they can finish their story. Or shows like “Infinity Train” being almost lost due to being taken off of their only streaming service. With all of this, it really does seem that animation is slowly being buried. But animation isn’t dying. There are many shows still on streaming services with millions of viewers. But let’s assume that people who think the industry is dying know this and choose to just focus on the shows being canceled. What else would prove that animation is well and alive? Well look no further than the internet.

    Animation is nothing new on the internet. Series like “Charlie the Unicorn”, “asdfmovie” and “Salad Fingers” were just as classic for many teens who grew up on the internet as “Blue’s Clues” or “Handy Mandy”. In fact, the shows “Adventure Time” and “Bee and Puppycat” had started out on Youtube. The popularity of online animated shows isn’t just restricted to the past. And if you were on Youtube in the animation niches last month, you would agree.

    On October 13 of this year, the internet was graced by another independent animation pilot. “The Amazing Digital Circus” was released by the animation studio GLITCH and met with incredible success, views, and praise. In just the week the pilot released, it had gained around 20 million views. Now, on November 7th, the pilot sits at 77 million, which is 14 million less than the ever so infamous “Hazbin Hotel” pilot has gotten in the four years it has been on the site. With a whole fandom for the pilot forming under a week, it’s no assumption that fans are itching for more content. 

    It’s no doubt that animation is mistreated by executives. But animation is not dying. There still is, and always will be, high demand for animation. If the streaming services and TV stations won’t recognize that and continue to cut corners, know that the internet is plentiful with independent projects, pilots and series to enjoy. Best of all is you don’t have to worry about a streaming service deciding your favorite show isn’t making the site enough money and canceling the show or completely removing it from the site.

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    Madisyn is the lead page editor and a writer for our website. Lately, they've been experimenting with going their own way. Madisyn's favorite day is High School Journalism Day, when everyone from the Spokesman gets to go to Northwestern for a day of fun. "Change can be difficult, but it's how we grow. It can be the hardest thing to realize you can't hold on to something forever. Sometimes, you have to let it go; but, of the things you let go, you'd be surprised what makes its way back to you." - Anne Boonchuy, from Amphibia

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