Friday Night Lights: Senior Edition


Senior Percussionists

Erica Hayden, Trending Editor

Drum roll, please! On Friday, Oct. 16th. Wheeling High School’s Music Department came together to honor the Seniors’ and to perform as a celebration in the football stadium, despite the horrors of the pandemic. The school had taken all the precautions necessary for the performance to be a success. From dividing seat sections based on who you were looking to play to all of the attendees being required to wear a mask.

To start the night, the first to perform was our lovely marching band, conducting the National Anthem. As well as the band performing our very own Wheeling Wildcat Fight Song. The performance was composed of the Band, Orchestra, Choir, and a little show from our Color Guard. Despite the cold, the music was on fire, and the singers piping with pep. However, don’t take my word for it, many agreed the energy and music were very well selected. “My favorite performances were the Jazz Combo and Chamber Orchestra. This was my favorite because these were the two groups that are more student-run. It was just so much fun and the energy we had playing was just incredible.” Gustavo Leyva, senior, said.

Of course, with the concerning COVID cases rising; there is a risk for students performing. Especially with the weather dropping, nevertheless, echoing off the initial evidence; faculty and students are taking extreme measures to ensure the safety of our community. “It was challenging to prepare and practice for the performance. With a band composed of woodwinds and brass, spit was a primary concern among everyone. We needed to be very cautious when playing and keeping the 6ft distance to ensure everyone’s safety. I do hope to have future concerts. Concerts are something I love the most about band and orchestra. It’s a fun way to showcase your music that you’ve worked so hard on. Due to the pandemic, the proper arrangements should include masks, social distancing, and ppe for those in band, orchestra, and choir.” Sofia Flores, junior, states. 

The night winded down with a lively scene from our Marching Band; with an explanation on how to direct a band from our Marching Band Assistant: Alex Diesbergen. Later going on to conduct wonderful pieces; such as Rocky Point Holiday, Ashokan Farewell, and Fireflies. Our Senior class of 2021 were recognized for their hard work and talent, WHS music department debuted their first fantastic concert of the year; hopefully, with more to come.