Alternative Female Music Artists: Giving Power to the People



Charli Richards, Staff Reporter

Female alternative artists are rising in entertainment, making it popular to speak out against abusers and supporting LGBTQ+ members; It is time for a new era of music. We’ve heard about heartbreak and other activities in music but times have changed and everything else changes with that, including music. These artists make it popular to stand up for yourself and speak out against inequality.

Banshee, a new rising artist is one who speaks out against her abusers and supports others who have been through the same by speaking out for them through her music. Her music sends you for a slight spin. Banshee, while she looks meek, has a powerful voice that is comparable to screamo, a genre of music with a rap type of beat with heavy bass and artists screaming the lyrics to songs. While her music can be vulgar, it captures the absolute raw energy that survivors, and others, can understand and relate to. Banshee’s music can be found on Spotify. With her song “I’m the Worst” turns the abusers eye pointing out that people cannot blame survivors as it was their fault. Banshee gives power to the people by telling them that their abusers and oppressors will not get away with what they’ve done. Survivors can scream to music that makes them feel heard and gives them back the power they deserve. 

Hayley Kiyoko, is a former Disney star turned musician famously known as ‘Stella’ in the 2011 film ‘Lemonade Mouth’. One of Kiyoko’s most known songs, “Girls Like Girls’ gives voice to the LGBTQ+ community. The song explains that just because “girls like girls like boys do”; doesn’t make it a bad thing. People love who they love, it is no different than a stereotypical heterosexual relationship. Having a female artist fill this role, such as Kiyoko, gives power to young women to stand up for themselves and their sexuality. Kiyoko also uses this platform as a form of activism, it encourages people of all ages and all genders to stand for what they believe and be proud of who they are.

Female alternative artists are on the rise and they aren’t stopping anytime soon. They give power to the people, and won’t stay quiet.


Hayley Kiyoko