On the candidates: Illinois 10th congressional district

Victoria Benavides and Ben Williams

U.S. House of Representatives

  • Illinois District 10
    • Brad Schneider (Democrat) (incumbent)
    • Valerie Ramirez Mukherjee (Republican)

If a position has an asterisk (*) at the end, it means that the candidate’s personal stance was not clear, and that position belongs to the candidate’s political party.



Taxes on the rich Federal minimum wage Corporate taxes and bailouts Welfare COVID-19 Economic Recovery Social Security
Schneider Raise taxes* Increase* End Corporate Tax Subsidies; Expand bailouts to small businesses* Increase welfare especially in disadvantaged communities* Increase relief to constituents through the CARES act Against privatization of Social Security
Mukherjee  Reduce and simplify tax rates No increase* One time bailout for Corporations that reinvest into U.S economy No official stance Eliminate unnecessary regulations

;reduce or eliminate taxes; increase loans to small businesses 

Restrict social security funds; increase retirement age; privatize part of Social Security;. 

Domestic Policy


Gun policy Abortion policy Drug rehabilitation Veterans’ Affairs
Schneider Extended background checks; limit high capacity magazines and silencers; ban assault weapons; make gun trafficking federal crime Pro-Choice Increase number of recovery centers; Better treatment of overdose victims Give better support to Veterans; Better education, higher health care, and help transition back to citizen life
Mukherjee  Believes in gun reform; values 2nd amendment  Pro-Choice No offical stance No official stance


Criminal Justice


Police reform Death penalty Marijuana possession Prison reform Prostitution & Sex Work
Schneider Ban racial and religious discrimination; Ban chokeholds; Enforce bodycameras; create misconduct board; reform qualified immunity; give grants to community task forces; require police data reporting Opposes No official stance Focused on fixing sentence disparity No official stance
Mukherjee  Combine Police, EMT, and Fire Department into one public safety department.  No official stance No official stance No official stance No official stance




Border security Sanctuary cities DACA Immigration quotas + requirements Deportation ICE & detention centers
Schneider Secure border No official stance Supports DACA and wants to create easier path for citizenship Higher quotas* Protect DACA recipients from deportation Somewhat supports, but condemns detention center misconduct 
Mukherjee  Fortify Border Security  No official stance Supports DACA, but not citizenship for DREAMers Expand legal immigration  No official stance No official stance




College tuition + debt forgiveness Affirmative Action Public school funding + teacher salaries School choice Universal preschool
Schneider Believes you shouldn’t have to go into debt for quality education No official stance No official stance on funding specifically, but very supportive of teachers No official stance Supports
Mukherjee  Students need to pay off debt through hard work; educate students on loans; redirect Title 1 funds No official stance but has a focus on education equality No specific policy but has a focus on improving education No official stance No official stance but has a focus on improving education 




Climate action  Green New Deal Disposable plastics Fracking Alternative energy
Schneider Believes in climate; supports carbon footprint reducing policies Opposes Believes they should be banned.  Opposes Supports
Mukherjee  Believes in Climate Change; issue tax credit for low emission vehicles; switch to Nuclear and renewable energy sources.  Opposes No official stance No official stance  No official stance 




Felon voting rights Undocumented immigrant voting rights Electoral College Minimum voting age Ranked- choice voting
Schneider Supports Believes immigrants have the right to become citizens and then gain access to vote Against Does not think it should be changed No official stance
Mukherjee  No official stance Help get undocumented immigrants citizenship so they can vote  No official stance No official stance No official stance