On the candidates: Illinois 9th Congressional District

Muskan Naqvi and Ben Williams

U.S. House of Representatives

  • Illinois District 9
    • Jan Schakowsky (Democrat) (incumbent)
    • Sargis Sangari (Republican)

If a position has an asterisk (*) at the end, it means that the candidate’s personal stance was not clear, and that position belongs to the candidate’s political party.



Taxes on the rich Federal minimum wage Corporate taxes and bailouts Welfare COVID-19 Economic Recovery Social Security
Schakowsky Raise them Raise minimum wage Raise and end tax breaks for off-shoring profits/jobs; previously against corporate bailouts, current stance unknown Promotes affordable pricing of pharmaceuticals Supports stimulus packages; no official stance otherwise, focus on vaccine Cut or raise wage cap to increase revenue for social security
Sangari  Maintain current tax rate* Maintain current minimum wage Lower corporate taxes* Promotes welfare through charities, opposes Affordable Care Act* Stimulate economy by allowing businesses to reopen Reduce restrictions on businesses; workers have the choice of investing in retirement as opposed to social security*

Domestic Policy


Gun policy Abortion policy Drug rehabilitation Veterans’ Affairs
Schakowsky Universal background checks; more restrictions on gun show sales; ban large–capacity ammunition Pro-choice: against Helms Act Decrease incarceration for drug offences; focus on rehabilitation* Push for better coordination between VA and Department of Defense; resources for PTSD*
Sangari  Maintain current gun laws Pro-life; exceptions in cases of rape, incest, or when posing danger for mother/child* Enforce imprisonment for drug related offences, however allow access to treatment opportunities to addicts* Partner the VA with private companies for increased funding and resources*


Criminal Justice


Police reform Death penalty Marijuana possession Prison reform Prostitution & Sex Work
Schakowsky Pro Justice In Policing Act; reforms use of deadly force, no knock warrants, and removes qualified immunity Opposes Supports decriminalization* End for-profit prisons No official stance
Sangari  Increase funding for hiring more police* Supports* Opposes decriminalization* Help create a path back into society for inmates* No official stance




Border security Sanctuary cities DACA Immigration quotas + requirements Deportation ICE & detention centers
Schakowsky No official stance; against building a fence around the border* Maintain funding Supports No official stance Deportation of criminals; otherwise halt it Against ICE; calls for reform of detention centers 
Sangari  Increase border security* Reduce funding* Supports Believes in stricter requirements for citizenship such as military service Deportation of criminals and undocumented immigrants* Supports*




College tuition + debt forgiveness Affirmative Action Public school funding + teacher salaries School choice Universal preschool
Schakowsky Reduce cost of education, increase funding for federal student loans Previously supported, current stance unknown Increase funding to public schools; supports pay raise for public school teachers No official stance No official stance
Sangari  Supply financial education in high school to decrease rates of debt Opposes affirmative action Maintain current funding; cut back on federal loans in higher education* Supports* No official stance




Climate action  Green New Deal Disposable plastics Fracking Alternative energy
Schakowsky Supports legislation to reduce/regulate pollution Supports No official stance Ban fracking Phase out nuclear power, promotes wind and solar power
Sangari  Supports use of oil and natural gas resources; against restrictions* Opposes* No ban on plastics Supports* Promotes market based research for renewable energy sources*




Felon voting rights Undocumented immigrant voting rights Electoral College Minimum voting age Ranked- choice voting
Schakowsky Supports Opposes No official stance Maintain No official stance
Sangari  Opposes* Opposes Supports* Maintain No official stance