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Schedules: Block or 9 Period

Schedules: Block or 9 Period

This school year at Wheeling High School, there has been a block schedule. But, for the upcoming year, there is a debate of another possible schedule; 9 periods. The block schedule is where classes are spaced out over 2 days. Basically, there are 4 periods a day, each class is 80 minutes. A 9 period schedule is where every class is crammed into one day, and there are 9 periods a day, each class 45 minutes.        

        Each schedule has its pros and cons. 9 period schedules offer shorter periods, therefore you get less antsy. 9 period also allows us to get a greater understanding of each class through repetition, as we have each class everyday. But, students are worried that the workload is going to be too much. 

      Block schedule is nice because we have a longer period of time to complete homework, and prepare for upcoming quizzes and tests. But, the long periods can be dull at times, and students start to get antsy.

      Audrey J, a freshman, explains that the block schedule “offers more time for homework”. She also said that her uncle told her that the block schedule is similar to a college schedule, and will prepare her for the college lifestyle. She feels like there is “less stress”, and she feels like “a 9 period schedule is an overwhelming amount of classes a day”. Overall, she prefers the block schedule.

     Another freshman, Zeenat K, also prefers a block schedule. She explained that “the block schedule helps with workload”, and that in comparison, a 9 period schedule would be “overwhelming and stressful”. She likes the block schedule because the extra time gives her the ability to focus more on her work, and make it more quality, as opposed to rushing through it and having sloppy work.

      Ms. Welter, a teacher at Wheeling, explains how she is conflicted between the schedules. She said she likes the block schedule because she is “able to lecture and teach” and she is also able to let her students have “time to work on activities for the remainder of class”. Ms. Welter also likes that she is able to have an 80 minute planning period a day, and in that time, she can get a lot done. She said some of the cons of the block schedule is the fact that her students don’t have math class everyday, and that makes it harder to comprehend different topics. She explains that “you need to be repetitive when learning math”.  

      As a former student from Wheeling, Ms. Welter was able to experience both schedules. She said that as a student, she preferred the block schedule, as a 9 period schedule was hectic and stressful, and she had to switch mindsets for each class quickly. 

       I asked 8 students, and only two of them said that they would prefer a 9 period schedule. Noel Lawson, a senior, said a 9 block schedule could be beneficial because you get more reps a week for each class. Contrast to that, the remaining six of the students said that block would be better because it allows there to be more time for homework, and makes school less stressful.

Teachers Mr. Reinhardt and Profe Camacho both explain that they prefer the block schedule. Mr. Reinhardt explains that the block schedule allows him to have more time with each class, but a 9 period schedule would allow him to see all of his students everyday.

        The overall preference is the block schedule, as the majority of students and teachers said they like the opportunities it brings them. Though both schedules offer different benefits, the current schedule is really nice, and most hope it will continue for the following years.

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