GPU Prices Are Finally Dropping


Hubert Szatko

GPU prices are once again lower than the prior month, though the rate of decrease has slowed down. According to NVIDIA in a May blog post, They have been making efforts to meet 30 series demands and have likely continued to manufacture and pump out as many cards as possible. Why are GPU prices falling? It is because of the crypto crash and diminishing returns in GPU mining are the key factors driving the GPU prices down. In instance, Nvidia’s RTX 3090 Ti has gone down with their price from $2000 to approximately $1300 not even in half a year. Another example would be the price of a PC with RTX 3080 Ti is the same as a PC with RTX 3070 from a couple of months ago before the crypto crash. Now it would actually be a very good time to upgrade your PC. High GPU prices due to production shortages and increased demand from crypto miners are behind us — At least for now. This results in the best time to buy a GPU as the price started to slowly settle at its right spot. Regarding inflation where prices of everything are going up. The GPU prices are one of the things that are actually going down. This is actually one of the only things that are good about prices in those times.