The Fun at Football Games


Football games are one of the biggest events here at WHS. The thrill and excitement matches no other. The student section yells in excitement at the football players. Showing up in themed outfits such as Jersey night, Groutfit, neon, tropical etc. At halftime, the marching band performs their show for the year. This year being, The Fallen Thrown. Featuring a duet from Oliva Suruth (Trumpet) and Fatima Alverez (Trumpet), as well as a solo from Pola Henriquez (Color Guard). The band isn’t the only one who takes the spotlight at half time, poms performs an upbeat dance lead by different seniors and juniors each week. Xitlaly Hernandez, has been committed to poms for three years, she stated, “ My favorite part of the football games is being able to perform spirit dance with cheer.” The WHS cheer team shows spirit on the sidelines yelling cheers, stunting and doing jumps. Sometimes collaborating with the student section. Last but not least the roar of the football players. Watching their team and supporting them from the sidelines or in the game.