Why Does College Cost So Much?


Marco Mercado

Everything in the world is expensive, and college is no exception. With the already high amount of debt after you graduate, the bills just keep piling up with no end in sight. But how did we get here? “College costs so much because greed won,” said Catherine Jimenez-Very, a college graduate. In the beginning, college was a pathway towards a career to help serve their community. Communities were grateful for these efforts, they helped to pay for their education. As time went on, people started going to college for personal gain. “Once students started going to college for personal gain, the financial industry started funding for profit,” said Catherine Jimenez-Very, a college graduate. Financial leaders noticed this shift and decided that if students can profit off of their education, they can profit off of the students. The financial leaders then created student loans to make a profit. They then convinced the colleges and communities that student loans made it more accessible for students who couldn’t afford an education. “The combination of inflation and lack of regulations has allowed the cost of college to soar out of control with no end in sight,” said Catherine Jimenez-Very, college graduate. In a world ravaged by student loan debt, thousands of people have fallen victim to the scam that is student loans. They may seem like they make college more accessible, but they come with a large price tag. People get better jobs if they get a degree making high school graduates pressured into going to college. It is almost impossible to go to college nowadays without getting student loans. Colleges continue to raise prices and student loans continue to increase their profit, which increases the financial burden on the students. College costs so much because it became an opportunity to profit. Could all of this have been avoided? Is this the consequence of greed? Can this change? These are the questions students and communities are asking today.