Micula Makes History


Monica Gucwa

The Wheeling Wildcats Football team has done it again, they successfully defeated Round Lake Highschool in Thursday Night’s game. The Wildcats were able to take the lead in the first quarter with a score of 21-0. Touchdowns by: Simon Micula, Gavin Stanke,  The final score was 58-7. Along with a big win from one of our wildcats, Simon Micula. He broke a school record of scoring the most touchdowns in one night being 5 touchdowns (30 points). Simon believes the reason they were able to play so well and continue to do so is because of the team’s bond.“Most of the offensive line, quarterbacks, running backs, receivers, we’ve all been playing together since freshman year. We constantly hangout and play sports together, and it’s just a brotherhood.” Micula stated. 

Omar Brito, defensive lineman, believes Coach P is also a vital part of how the team has been able to advance so immensely. “It’s truly amazing how Coach P has made us grow in every aspect you can think of, in school and out of school, it’s just truly amazing.” Brito stated. The wheeling football team has come a long way from where they used to be and there is lots of hope for this year’s season and games. Each individual has put in many hours of hard work and practice to reach this moment. When Simon was asked who on the team inspires him the most, he responded with the following: “Christain Glowa. He and I have been fighting together since the beginning. We did all our sports together and have been constantly pushing each other. Especially in the weightroom. When he benches 225 then I want to do that also, or if I squat a certain amount of weight then he’ll want to squat that. We just constantly push each other. He’s like a brother to me.”

The Wildcats will continue to fight at every game and bring home some big wins, their next games include: September 2nd at Conant, September 9th against Maine East, September 16th at Maine West, September 23rd at Rolling Meadows, and September 30th at Buffalo Grove.