Olvia Rodrigo vs. Sabrina Carpenter

Olvia Rodrigo vs. Sabrina Carpenter

Petterson Montegrande, Staff Reporter

“Driver’s License” by Olivia Rodrigo has gotten a lot of fame over the last few months. It was first popularized by Tik-Tok as people would post themselves reacting to the song or covering the song itself. The song is about Rodrigo’s ex-boyfriend, who she felt, had dumped her to be with Sabrina Carpenter. It’s not explicitly stated in the song bashing on Carpenter but one verse had mentioned how the new girl was blond.


“And you’re probably with that blonde girl”


The initial reaction to the speculation had gotten fans riled about her ex-boyfriend. My cousin had said, “He isn’t even worth it!” A lot of other listeners shared the same thoughts as my cousin while listening to the song. It has captured the feeling of heartbreak when you’re young.


However, Carpenter had released her song to counter Rodrigo’s song titled “Skin.” The entire song had been to tell Carpenter’s side of the story. As it turns out, Carpenter and the ex-boyfriend had come out to say that Rodrigo was lying about how the relationship had ended. She even had a retort to the previous line I had mentioned.


“Maybe blond was the only rhyme”


They have not come out with more information on the relationship. Fans are speculating and picking sides on who was in the wrong here.


In the end, we can all agree, both sounds are good to listen to and have a different vibe for both of them.