3 Week Shutdown

3 Week Shutdown

Danny Barraza, Staff Reporter

If you have been paying attention to the news it is no surprise that a few states are going through some sort of shutdowns such as California and Pennsylvania. However Illinois might end up in the same shoes as those states and here’s why: “Recently, Governor JB Pritzker has warned that Illinois could be on the verge of having a shutdown again due to the number of cases we have been receiving these past couple of weeks, written by Eric Horng, Alexia McAdams, and Jesse Kirsch”. 

Thanks to the number of cases we have been receiving, there has been a good amount of deaths these past few weeks.  For instance, in the state of Illinois, the average amount of daily deaths due to COVID is roughly around the 100 – 200 range. That’s about 100 more deaths compared to what we had during spring, and nearly 200 deaths more compared to what we had during the summer. That isn’t the only issue why the state is on the verge of a shutdown though. Another reason why the state of Illinois is considering a shutdown is due to the amount of hospitalization that hospitals have been receiving the past month or so. 

It’s not a shocker to know that hospitals have been extremely packed thanks to COVID19. And thanks to the sudden rise of cases; Hospitals in the state of Illinois have been at their busiest so far throughout the pandemic. The amount of hospitalization that the state has been receiving has been reported to be nearly 5,000 patients per week. That alone has already surpassed the amount of hospitalization that the state of Illinois was receiving during the spring. 

Do you think a three-week shutdown will help reduce the numbers and why? To tell you the truth I don’t think it will make much of a difference. Sure the numbers may decline a bit, but we still have many citizens who are rebelling against social distancing and wearing face masks. However, if more citizens decide to obey the rules then maybe we may see a slight decrease in cases throughout the three weeks.