PS5 vs XBOX Series X

PS5 vs XBOX Series X

Petterson Montegrande, Staff Reporter

As an avid fan of games and consoles, I was always ready for what the next console on sale would be or what was coming up next. I had leaned towards Xbox most of the time since I had an Xbox growing up. I remember playing with friends and having a good experience with it. With Quarantine locking us up, what’s better than just sitting down, getting comfy, and playing on one of these two consoles. The question is, which console is better?

The PS5 has a quick processing SSD, compatibility with both a 4k display and a 8K display, has the ability to play Blu-Ray DVDs, watch Netflix, and other streaming apps. The processing SSD helps users access games quicker and load faster in multiplayer games. Being able to connect to the bigger displays shows better quality in the graphics of the show or game you are watching. Compared to the PS4, it has similar features with being able to play Blu-ray DVDs. However, the graphics specs have gotten better and storage space availability has increased.

XBOX Series X

The Xbox Series X has 12 teraflops of processing power, AMDs Zen 2, RDNA 2 architectures, 3D spatial sound, frame rates going up to 120, 1TB SSD and CPU, and a port for a Seagate Expansion Card that is 1TB. Now, what does this all mean to a normal person? It means the Xbox can run a lot smoother than its predecessors, has an engine that can support smooth lighting and graphics, and A LOT of space to store games. Compared to the Xbox One, the last console that was released has doubled in space, gotten a better processor, and promises better performance.

Personally, as long as it plays games and runs smoothly, I have no quarrels with either console. I lean towards Xbox since the fond memories I’ve made there during my childhood. Overall both are good options and it all comes down to personal preference and if you have friends to play with on either.