Wheeling Strings Welcome Mrs. Barrera-Carrera


Veronica Ruvinskiy

This 2022-2023 school year, Mrs. Barrera-Carrera steps in as the new Wheeling High School orchestra director, succeeding Ms. Struebing, who left to pursue a position at Niles West. Previously, Mrs. Barrera-Carrera taught fourth-eighth grade in Bloomingdale for five years. Her endeavors at Wheeling High School were a surprise, but she saw our supportive program and its diversity and knew this was her next home. Mrs. Barrera decided to become an orchestra teacher because she enjoyed playing the violin and wished to provide students the space that was provided for her. Her favorite part about teaching orchestra is building relationships with students, who all have different personalities. “Everyone you get to meet is so funny and
different,” she says. Outside of school, Mrs. Barerra enjoys a world of hobbies. These include crochet, crafting, making soaps, baking, observing stars through her telescope, coloring, putting together puzzles, and reading/listening to books. In addition, she owns and cares for 42 plants.One could call her a master of all crafts! She also owns a dog named Sol, who is named after the sun. She describes Sol as a loud, yellow dog with bright yellow eyes. “The whole neighborhood knows the dog.” Mrs. Barerra-Carrera also listens to a plethora of music. “I love everything,” she says. She has listened to 1950s music in Spanish and English, Latin Classical rock from the 80s, Urban Latin music and traditional folk music. Lately, she’s been into 2000s rock music. Mrs. Barrera loves anything from classical music to rap music to hip hop. Finally, Mrs. Barerra hopes to see the Wheeling Orchestra Program grow in the future. She is interested in incorporating more styles of music outside of the traditional world, such as mariachi, Latin guitar, rock, and electric violins. There is never a dull moment when you’re getting to know Mrs. Barrera. If you see her in the music wing, stop by and say hi!